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So who are we and why should you use our services?


Initially concentrating on just PC & Laptop support for home users and small businesses, his skills were quickly recognised and the services rapidly expanded to incorporate repairs of Mobile Phones, Tablets and game consoles. 

With the current generation of consoles approaching the end of their life-cycle, the demand for repairs started drying up as new replacements became a more viable option, so game console repairs were phased out during early 2012. 

In 2011, 3L Solutions was commissioned for its first large application development project for a mail-order business. This involved analysing the clients business flow from order to despatch, and building a complete order management system that handled everything from stock management to raising purchase orders, despatching orders and emailing notifications to clients when the goods were despatched. This was a massive project taking nearly 2 years to complete, but after extensive testing and a long development cycle, the application is available on site. The system is so efficient and easy to use, it has increased productivity and already started saving the our client a lot of money. We will continue to support the product for the foreseeable future and will be able to provide updates and addons as required. 

In 2012, the demand for website and logo design started to grow. We have now created many logos for various small businesses, and have a number of websites live all over the internet for various customers.

As demand continued to grow, in 2013 we expanded our services into web hosting. This allowed us to not only design and provide websites for our customers, but to also offer domain names, ssl management, private hosting space for the sites as well as a much more personalised level of support for our customers. 

Many of our customers have really loved the fact that they can have their PCs and Servers supported and maintained by the same company that remotely troubleshoots their email, designs and hosts their website! The one-stop approach has really appealed to large number of our clients, many of whom now have us provide multiple services. 

We have since upgraded our webserver 3 times and now have our own dedicated webserver for hosting all our clients websites. 

Towards the end of 2013, we were asked to take over the maintenance and support of the CCTV systems for one of our clients. They had received a really poor level of service from their current provider, and as we had looked after their I.T. systems for nearly three years, they came to us in the hopes we could help.  So we have taken over the maintenance and support of their current system, installing a completely new system for a new office building being erected and have quote for 2 further sites to have all their CCTV systems upgraded. With the level of support we provided exceeding the already established provider, and our turnaround be much quicker, we decided to add CCTV installation and maintenance to our repertoire of services. 

In November 2013, Kevin was so swamped with work, that he decided it was about time to get some help running the office.  That's where Kathryn Etheridge stepped in. Currently working part-time but answering the phones full-time, Kathryns' job is to help the office run smoothly, managing credit control and assisting with promoting the business wherever possible.

With the flood of requests to build cms based websites, Kevin then looked to his friend Stuart Coates, who has over 15 years experience as a digital artist using applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and 3D Studio Max, to come on board and start working on various website projects and design work. Stuart is a very competent technician as well, and will be trained up to assist Kevin with all the various services we provide.

3L Solutions 3D Logo

Graeme Jones-sharpe has also jumped onboard now. With commercial Warehouse Management experience, a keen eye (and patience) for detail, he will become the Sales Manager for 3L Solutions in 2014, aiming to help with the expansion of our core business throughout 2014 and beyond.

Our mission for 2014 is to focus heavily on expansion and promotion. We already have a very loyal and happy customer base, and we feel we can build on that, and continue to provide excellent service and results for many more customers.